Have you ever had the feeling like you were meant to be extraordinary,
I mean honestly, like you were destined for greatness to rise,
But then off balance it got scary
Because you looked down and then you fell,
And that’s when everything went so slowly
But I mean seriously have you ever sat there,
With you conscious or leaned back to explore your innocence,
To examine yourself cause I am asking myself who am I,
Or why am I here, is there something I should believe in
And if not then why do I have this fear?
This fear like there is something I need to hold onto,
Something I can hold on to
That won’t make me feel so ostracized,
Because every other thing that I grasp,
It only cuts me down to size,
But then your eyes, your voice, your smiles,
So many faces and emotions and talents down to all races,
So tell me what is your identity?
How can you be so unique,
But yet have no image, what is the story?
That behind every fingerprint which shows,
That you are different, so similar, but yet so distinct.
So blink, ‘cause maybe you were given a purpose,
A purpose to change the world
That only you could do and no one else
But who, that out of all the billions of people on this earth,
All so peculiar, like a plan from the master of all creation,
But then all of a sudden we find ourselves struck down
And broken into pieces; never abandoned but just BROKEN.
For every human who has been cursed
With the knowledge of good and evil before their time
We run throughout this quest questioning ourselves,
Cause here I am asking myself, what am I?
Why do we battle with these low self-esteems and insecurities?
This ignorant disease that tells me otherwise,
But instead I accept the common like a drone and I become less
And now I’m hidden in the shadows’ darkness,
Where even there the voice in the still noise says,
What does the earth preach?
What does nature teach as the night reveals its mysteries,
In the heavens beyond our reach?
But God says still I want you to reach,
Because you were made out of the dirt which shows,
That out of the ugly comes the most beautiful of things,
But yet it still seems,
That we’re the biggest flaw out of all creation
But it’s said that the galaxy can’t compare to us
When it comes to perfection,
Then God says look at the universe in all its glory,
You see that? It can’t touch you when it comes to beauty,
Cause I mean seriously even the angels and all creation,
Will stand in awe, and before you they will cease
Cause in the 6th day God says,
Not only were you made in my image,
But you were made in My likeness, you are My masterpiece,
So right now you can decide to walk in His presence,
Or His absence, where there is fear, filth, betrayal,
The beautiful nothing? Or the beautiful something,
And with hope by the love held onto and the promises kept,
Cause you look miserable,
Many people told you that love it a fraud?
But I can assure you not only is love possible and real,
You are beautiful, wonderful, uniquely and fearfully made;
Each and every one of you, are God’s masterpiece.

By: Ethan Fletcher