Pardon me

Radelle Leonce

Radelle Leonce

Pardon me for being a man
For not showing emotions,
When these showers of insecurities,
Creates me a pool of depression,
But to His word I take heed,
Because in me it was well spent,
I’m not talking about maturity based on age,
But also of godly intellect.
But still dismiss his qualities,
By neglecting him,
Being more focused on my self-centered thinking,
But it’s sad though,
Because by dismissing His qualities,
It’s like you’re being the devil’s advocate,
But still wanting to receive God’s blessings
So that you can calculate.
Pardon me for being a man,
Maybe it’s because I don’t stand for myself enough,
Because every time I speak
You deliberately want to shut me up.
Or is it that I’m being sensitive
To your careless words,
Fail to realize words have power,
Words have presence,
Words have prophetical implications
With no geographical limitations.
At the moment being filled with confidence,
Yet these waves of insecurities hits me,
With doubtful words I ask God,
Am I still elected?
In the beginning a man sinned,
But blaming God saying, the woman
You placed here with me gave me this.
Instead he man up to take the heat,
But he blamed her, in disobeying the command,
He failed to commit.
Yet God seeing beyond my faults,
And seeing someone He can deposit his spirit in.
So I’m here being thankful,
Seeing that God already pardoned me,
Giving me a new beginning.
See, when I was a child I spoke like one,
I reasoned liked one and I also thought like one;
Now I became a man, I put childish things aside,
Because I realize that maturity begins with the mind.
A man, Adam, a living being disobeying,
That one command God gave, which brought death
Yet through one man, a life giving spirit,
Gave up his life for his bride so that,
We may have life.

By: Radelle Leonce

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  1. Good poem Radelle.. You did a very great job posting this. Everyone deserves forgiveness no matter how sinful we are. God is forgiving, so we should be more forgiving.