Ricky T Causes An Explosion

Image of Ricky T

Ricky T

It has been a long time coming, infact it was one of two things fans have been yearning for – a full concert put on by Ricky T and well a best of Ricky T album. The later we may have to wait for, but the concert was in in full swing at the Gaiety Courtyard last week Friday July 10.

It was one of those events that promised to have fans truly testing out how fit or as they say how “carnival ready” you are.

Dubbed Soca Explosion, the event exposed St. Lucians to the most diverse and power driven artistes from various Caribbean islands for one night only.

The star studded line up featured former Soca Monarch from Trinidad and Tobago Iwer George one of Trinidad’s cultural icons who has consistently released chart topping hits from the beginning of his early career in 1987 to present. He made it his duty to full fill his mission of exploding onstage ensuring that his audience was thoroughly entertained. Denise “Saucy Wow” Belfon whose range of hits includes “Licks” produced by Stratosphere’s Kurty Louis, Denise Dominican and Boyoun music pioneer Nayee, Mr.Killa (Rolly Polly), and former International Soca Monarch Sherwayne Winchester with whom Ricky T recorded the hit “Bad Company”.

St. Lucia was well represented by a stellar cast featuring Sirlancealot, MR, Superman HD,Q-Pid, Invader, Ashanti and Sergie, just to name a few, all backed by the number one party band with brass, D.Y.P.

Soca Explosion not only gave fans a different perspective of the artiste Ricky T, it offered to fill a void that since been missing this Carnival season. Fusing the legendary status of Ashanti and Invader added a refreshing and appreciated twist to power Soca mix. The priceless revelation of Ashanti reminiscing about Ricky T singing him his songs when he was a young boy had scores of patrons braving the rain, leaving their sheltered location to applaud the two.

The Soca unity that was visible on stage has the signs of seeing a repeat come next year, and the fan base that were present on the night have already R.S.V.P their attendance for the concert.