Soca or Suffer


Call it our own version of Coachella without the whimper of headline acts. S.O.S once again took us to the most exclusive clubs in the world with the first stop being in Trinidad via the Artiste Team. If you’re still living under a rock and believe that because a deejay is from, say, Trinidad that he is going to pump your brains filled with Soca then you were in for a surprise from the Artiste Team. Their set took us on a journey that included Dancehall, HipHop and yes the season’s best, Soca.

But it was Walshy Fire on his tenth return to the island that sealed the deal and placed S.O.S in a hemisphere of its own. The Major Laser rep and Black Chiney native lased hits upon hits from the early 2000s until now with selected pauses towards the end only to acknowledge fans and the time allotted to the event. His non-stop set included genres of World Music, Dancehall, Pop, Hip-Hop, and House among others.

Don’t let the name fool you, no partiers or feter-hollics were harmed or injured during the staging of this event. Actually it is quite the opposite, persons who had missed the event and were constantly reminded of how remarkablean event the third annual S.O.S was couldn’t hide the feeling of contempt and heartache under their friend’s statuses.

S.O.S this year continued with their winning formula of paint and music. It’s an event that upon entry entices your senses and you can’t help but participate in the various impromptu activities the deejays or artistes instruct you to do.

As the entertainment boiled to a climax on stage, scores of patrons were hosed by S.O.S’ certified hose man and a gigantic beach ball joined the fray. Unfortunately, it was clear that the crowd had not fully grasped the concept of the oversized beach ball as many were seen trying to catch it! Other than that small snafu, S.O.S ended the night on a positive note with not a single incident being reported by police.