Live N Colour

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Live N Colour, in the period of one year, was able to reach a pinnacle, no other local party has reached. The event, introduced last year, allowed patrons to experience the enviable rock star lifestyle that is showed off in countless Electro Dance Music themed videos.

Friday 31, was extraordinary. Hundreds of individuals made their way into the Pigeon Island National Landmark shortly after 11:59p.m. The sounds of excited chatter and music filled the atmosphere declaring the start of an unforgettable experience.

Music, seemed sweeter than ever: soca, electro dance, hip-hop, dancehall, old school, new school and other genres of music gave an intoxicating fist pumping rush. The music, so, so, sweet, and endless, introduced a carpe-diem like feel.

Bursts of colourful powder anddisplays of fire, transformed the atmosphere, and looks of sheer bliss were seen on hundreds of faces.

Attendees partied from night to morning, most, never tiring.

When the sun rose, they bathed in the morning’s glory, relishing the final moments, some taking a moment to enjoy the sea water, wishing the moment would never come to an end.

A breakfast inclusive fete, many satisfied the hunger that kicked in after hours of partying.

Sated, they left the park, paint stained, with a look of contentment, shortly after 8:00 a.m. discussing the exhilarating, surreal experience.