What can I do to make them like me again?

Dear Helpline,

My friends are avoiding me. They are all cold and have stopped talking to me online and make plans without me. What can I do to make them like me again?

Dear Anonymous,

Based on the information you have provided, this situation,possibly, is a result of a wrong-doing on your part.Perhaps you have already come to that conclusion. The next step now is to attempt to find out where you may have gone wrong; I’m sure you have given thought to that.

It is important however, that you approach the situation carefully. If you have realised your mistake, make a sincere apology. If you fail to see where you went wrong, inquire.Ask your friends why they have distanced themselves from you and also inform them that you are willing to make amends. If they refuse to hear you out the first time, try again. Remember to be gentle and sincere with your approach; refrain from lashing out. Your friends may not be receptive initially, because of the way they feel towards you at the moment, however, they will most likely come around eventually. They’re your friends after all.

Avoid incessant pining; take things one step at a time, and remember it may take a while till things get better. Don’t beat yourself up, you’re hurting enough already. Do the best you can and put your best foot forward. You can also try sending your friends a message via social media— try to patch things up. Another idea is to create or purchase a thoughtful gift or make a thoughtful gesture, to show your friends that you are truly sorry.

I’m sure things will work out eventually. I wish you a positive outcome.