Often, the truth is always bitter


Dear Diary,

Often, the truth is always bitter—never quite “palatable” and having individuals who realize the importance of truth in your social circle is more important than ever.

Today, my topic for discussion is friendship. Recently I was speaking to a few friends of mine who are abroad (apparently all my friends are and I am all on my own!)  and I could not help but think of just how much I cherish their friendship. These are individuals I share my world with: one complete with laughter, frustration, awkward moments and utter madness. Sounds pretty ‘normal’ right?

At the time, I was discussing a personal issue and I realized that these are individuals that I could always rely on who could rely on me likewise. These are people who are not only present in the good moments, but bad ones as well, offering virtual hugs and words of wisdom and force feed me the bitter pill when I refuse to accept it.

I am grateful for this circle, as in so many friendships, individuals are unable to pour their hearts out, for fear of a negative reaction from their friends; one therefore must ask themselves whether this should be considered ‘friendship’.

With that said, I advise you to do some ‘soul searching’—are you a good friend? If placed in another’s shoes, would you run to you? Are your friends good friends? If you discover that perhaps you are not a great friend after all, work on changing your ways. The good thing about life is that there’s always room for improvement.

If you have problems in your social circle—talk to your friends about it. I have always been told that communication is key is any relationship and that I have discovered is truth at its best.

Before I make my exit, I just want to encourage you to keep your head up when life throws unforeseen challenges your way. Boy is it tough to keep your head above the water! I know, I know, all too well. But these challenges make you stronger and I have learnt that nothing beats a smile. Try it.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.

P.S. shout out to all the fantastic students I met at the Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School! You made me laugh, you made me smile and honestly, these are the moments I live for.

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.