C.C.S.S: Math Soca Fusion

It has always been obligatory at secondary schools—never a unanimous choice and it seems that there has always been a perpetual loathing for the subject. By now you have probably guessed which subject we are referring to—and have most likely guessed correctly too!

Last week Friday, November 13, Mathematics took on a whole new meaning at the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School. The school held its annual “Soca Fusion”, where students from a number of schools, brought out their inner soca beast and displayed their love for the subject as well as their level of creativity: the ability to make a hated subject into an appealing one.

Gros Islet Secondary, Sir Ira Simmons Secondary, BabonneauSecondary, Corinth Secondary, as well as the host school, rose to the occasion. Male and female representatives from the various schools’ entertained an amused and excited student audience; it was no easy task for some.

Like the senior competition, each performance opened with a skit, which all made for an interesting show.

Competitors were fairly creative, adding their own spin to contemporary songs to the delight of a screaming audience. Others took things the extra mile, introducing a fresh sound, something that has proven to be difficult on occasion at competitions.

The entertainment went on for hours and there was never a dull moment especially with a disc jockey and guest artistes like Saint Lucia’s reigning Groovy Monarch, Arthur, and popular newcomers “Messi” and “Blackboy”. In youth dialect, it was “turnt!”

Of course, all good things must come to an end and after hours of entertainment and suspense, the judges’ deliberated, and the emcee, “Scady”, delivered the long awaited results.

Sir Ira Simmons Secondary came in third with a total of 172 points. Host school Castries Comprehensive Secondary took the second spot as well as the top spot, emerging big winners that day with 181 and 219 points respectively.

In a talk with YO, the winners Nadeige Mc Lauren and Shamalie Louis, affectionately known as “Nadz and Shamz” expressed their delight at capturing the winning spot with Nadege adding that she had participated in last year’s competition, however, had taken the third spot. So of course, this was a big deal for her.

The winning pair, overjoyed and overwhelmed, performed their winning single, “Do Di Maths”, after they were declared winners to culminate a wonderful event.

Nadeige and Shamalie in the near future will be travelling to a neighbouring island where they will be part of a Math activity, compliments the Travel and Leisure Centre, which understands the importance of the subject; Cox and Company sponsored a package tour for the second place winner, and Bank of Saint Lucia gave a monetary contribution to the third place winner.