S.C.S.S Expo 2015

Photos By: Stan Bishop, Rae Anthony

Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary, (S.C.S.S), on Tuesday November 17, hosted a student exhibition—one which showed off great artistry and pure ambition.

The event which was held on the school’s premises, commenced in the morning and came to an end in the early afternoon.

Highlights of the event included a culinary showcase by aspiring food connoisseurs, drama pieces by Theatre Arts students and a fashion show by some of the school’s French students; these activities allowed them to put some of the things they had learned throughout the school year into practice.

Students of the S.C.S.S, as well as students from neighbouring schools and parents were thrilled to be part of the excitement.

What proved to be riveting however, were performances by the Theatre Arts students as they tackled issues plaguing today’s society in a poignant manner: suicide, rape, bullying, child abuse and gun violence. The message was clear: these things must come to an end.

The school’s Acting Vice-Principal, Mr Marcellus Cazaubon, provided more information about the event upon request.

“It is an opportunity for the school to promote itself as a school of choice so S.C.S.S is using this as a means of publicizing its work; we are also doing this to attract support for the school from various benefactors and entrepreneurs in the community. And also to celebrate International Students’ Day— what better way to do that than by displaying the work of students?” he said.

Asked whether he was pleased with the way things turned out, the acting V.P. stated that,although there was room for improvement, he was satisfied with the outcome, overall.

As for the students, they had the time of their lives.

The school promises bigger and better things from students in the future. After all, they are “steadfast in work and example”.