Happy New Year!


Dear Diary,

It seems a tad late to enthusiastically wish someone a “Happy New Year!” but I’m wishing you a fantastic one nonetheless, and hope that you make 2016, and every year after that, your year.

Many times, individuals wait patiently for life to be kind to them, but we know life doesn’t operate that way. We have to ditch that laid back attitude and start working towards our aspirations. Many of us fall victim to procrastination as we often believe we have years and years to achieve. Truth is, whilst you’re sitting around comfortably, somebody else is “busting their tail off”, putting in the hours, and can easily take a spot that could’ve been yours.

As much as we’re never too old to start, sometimes, we’re not too young either. In 2015, I achieved. I pursued a (big!) goal of mine and I was rewarded. It was no easy task, but I got there.

I’m excited to start a new chapter in 2016, and scared too, but with God’s grace I’ll get there. I hope when I get to a certain age I can proudly look back and say, “I lived”; “I accomplished”. (One Republic’s “I lived” comes to mind).

Take some time off this weekend to read our ‘Soapbox’, trust me, it’ll help, and is a good read.

I turn 23 later this year (God willing), by the way. Oh how time flies! I can still remember my years (some of my best), at my alma mater, (Babonneau Secondary). Seems like just yesterday I was having the time of my life at B.S.S. Good times, good times. Shout out to the whole squad!!

With that said, I wish you all a wonderful weekend. Cheers, here’s to success.

P.S, I know some of you are not as well off as others. Keep in mind things will get better if you allow it to. Determination is everything!

Till next weekend God willing,

Rae A.