This year I am going to….

This year I am going to …. That is how many of us start our new year. We say we’ll start doing this, or stop doing that. But more often than not our big plans get dashed away in the same month we made the promise, January. A few of the more commonly recited new year’s resolutions that are recited like a well-rehearsed poem as well as others that are more likely to make it through the 365 days and really improve your life include lose weight, get a six pack, exercise more, stop eating fast food, and save more money.

It’s all well and good to make those resolutions and some of them are even manageable with a little effort. There are certain ways one can ensure that they stick to their New Year’s resolution past the 31stJanuary. You must set realistic goals for yourself as it makes no sense whatsoever to say you will save $100.00 a day when you only receive $20.00 allowance a week.

Our Slouch this weekend we will focus on the resolution that involves losing weight. Why? That’s simple, the majority of us have already made that promise but some of us will give up on it soon. Just as we have those straightforward resolutions like remembering to drink more water daily there are those that will require us to have a little bit of discipline. If your goal is to lose weight you have to understand it will take more than just eating less, an exercise routine will be essential and you will have to stick to it. You might even have to ditch certain social events too. Are you ready to make that commitment?

Don’t freak out if you’re not for I come baring solutions! You can simply break up your resolutions to satisfy your goals. What this means is simply making resolutions that require small acts of will and not weeks of vigilance.  Rather than beating yourself up by saying you want to lose 20 pounds by March, give your mind a break and say I will walk more often, eat healthier and drink more water on a daily basis. That practice just might surprise you when you go back on that scale in March.

Don’t punish yourself if you didn’t achieve the aim on your deadline day. Instead, look at the gains you made, stuck to your plan and continue the journey until you have truly satisfied your goals. Remember if you do miss on your goal make a note of the triggers that caused this setback and promise yourself to learn a lesson from them.

Perseverance is the key to success. Try again, keep trying and you will succeed.

Have a good weekend ya’ll and God bless!