Had I not witnessed this myself, I would tell someone that there was no truth to it

Dear Diary,

Had I not witnessed this myself, I would tell someone that there was no truth to what they were saying as I had never, ever seen anything of this nature. Others who have seen, and know better may laugh disbelievingly as they had seen it all.

Your curiosity is piqued, I know, so let me get straight into things. Last week, I attended a family event and I witnessed children presumably four to seven years old, dancing in the most provocative manner known to man. Now, I have seen children ‘whine’ before, but in a way that was purely decent, some may be a little impish, but nothing to cause concern. What I saw was nothing of the sort, rather, vulgar, vile (absolutely vile), adult like behaviour.

Whether you’re a regular party goer or not, you’ve seen it before—yes, this is exactly what I’m talking about; behaviour that is frowned upon.

A number of other individuals, dumbfounded, looked at one other, and one said to me, “when I was that age, you think I’d ever think of that?!”

Never in my childhood, had I done anything of the sort, nor did my peers. But things have changed.

I don’t blame the children as they do not know better. They imitate the things they see; that is expected. When one is surrounded by things that are wrong, most times, they fall victim to it, and vice versa.

I could not help but think that had these children been raised properly, most times, they would never, ever think of behaving in such a manner.

I shook my head sadly as they continued to dance, immensely pleased with themselves whilst others looked on. But they did not know better.

I wondered about the whereabouts of their parents or caretakers. But then again, some were probably not even bothered.

Children must behave like children. When things go wrong, some are so quick to point fingers at others, not realizing or refusing to accept that the issue stemmed from home.

With that said, I trust that you all had a fantastic Independence weekend. Although I worked all weekend, I truly enjoyed mine and I am happy to say that I am “Lucian to di bone!”

758 stand up!

Have a great weekend all, till next week (God willing).

Sincerely, always,

Rae A.