Winning is a Habit


They say the best time for a sportsman or woman’s development is at the grass roots stages. With the right coach and nurturing, the timid but outrageously quick runner could be the shining light an island had been searching for. One of the best places to find such talent is at the annual house meets of the various secondary schools.

As if the second term of secondary school life had to have been any better, long had it been deemed the term of no exams, the holidays came quicker than usual, thank the leap year for that, and students had the opportunity to claim bragging rights for their respective house, providing that they, of course win it all.

Last week Thursday the St. Mary’s College held their annual Inter –House Sports Meet with athletes from Rodney, Abercrombie, Tapon, and Presentation house competing for supremacy and glory. As has been the custom for the past one hundred and fifteen years, before the boys break off their respective dens and await for their houses to be called for each race, the march past of house colours preceded. In the past old boys will agree that the relays were often dominated by the red house, Rodney with names such as Shaquille and JanilleGreenidgeand the Leonce brothers who have takengold during the tenure at the school being tossed as “proof for argument”.

With Inter – Secondary School sports still a few weeks away and surely the all boy’s school will be pulling out all the stops to bring the gold medals across the Vigie stretch where many a champion has passed through the doors of the school.

The test of metal, strength and sheer will-power came as a culmination to the sporting activities. The excitement reached an ultimate high as it was the time for the houses to show off their true strength. The House Tug –O-War that directly puts two houses against each other in a test of strength where teams pull on opposite ends of a rope, with the goal being to bring the rope a certain distance in one direction against the force of the opposing team’s pull, saw the champion house Rodney emerging victorious.

After it was all said and done and the points were tallied, the winner was Rodney (red) with 707 points, in second place was Presentation house (purple) with a total 699 points, third place Tapon (yellow) with 643 points and in fourth place with a total of 528 the blues, Abercombie.