DASH – The Independence Colour Run

Challenge Yourself! Chase the rainbow (or maybe just your personal best) at the Dash Colour Run!

There are many Colour Runs occurring around the world annually and with just a little research it would appear that the healthy event is inspired by the Hindu festival Holi, where it is tradition to throw natural coloured powders as the seasons change from winter to spring.

The world’s first colour run according to thecolorrun.com was founded in March 2011 as an event to promote healthiness and happiness by bringing the community together to participate in the “Happiest 5k on the Planet”. The vibrant and lively race has since run through over 30 cities in the U.S. and a few years expanded into the southern hemisphere and last year the Caribbean.

Saint Lucia joined the list of host nations to throw their support behind the health conscious event last year but rather than celebrate the change of seasons, the colour run would be used as a tool to celebrate the island’s independence while promoting holistic family fun and good health – thus Dash Independence Colour Run was born.

Organized by the charitable arm of the Events and Management Company Life Productions Inc., Dash decked each runner in white tees and as they passed each marker from Mega J to Rodney Bay they were blasted with a different colour of (completely harmless) powder.

Organizers of the event, Kuan Millar, Roberta Rose and Dione Benn who are committed to staging safe and secure events, were pleased with the level of support received this year as a vast number of teenagers were seen taking in all the colour and excitement along the route. “This is only our second year of the Dash Independence Colour Run and we are only hoping to make it bigger and better”, Roberta told us.

We were also informed that benefits from the run would also go to a different charity each year and for the past two years the focus has been on the Child Development and Guidance Centre.

The Dash Independence Color Run climaxed in Rodney Bay where runners were entertained by Saint Lucia’s Ezra D’Funmachine, Groovy Monarch Arthur and Michael Robinson as well as a few fun games and a socasize session and the moment everyone had been waiting for biggest powder party, where runners were encourage to throw their coloured powder into the air to create a cloud of rainbow colours.