Breakout at Dawn

Let’s start the ritual with a bang why don’t we! Eat, sleep, party…repeat! This has been common practice for any bonafidebacchanalist but no one would be prepared for the ambience and atmosphere that one of the new events on the calendar for Saint Lucia Carnival created.

The need for a fresh and new perspective in the entertainment industry has long been echoed by masses and this time around the call was answered. Breakout at Dawn, the brainchild of two convivial teenaged girls transformed the ever tranquil Pigeon Island beach into an early morning production of revelry, entertainment and yes, fun.

Billed to kick off at 2: 00a.m on Saturday morning and conclude at 8:00a.m on the same day, Breakout at Dawn dared the ostentatious carnival reveler from months before to prove their mettle and sign up for the “team no sleep” association.

Scores of Soca lovers happily obliged and with the assistance of music masters Dream Team, Hollywood HP, D.J. Shellz, and Hershey’s the perfect blend of music was realized as each beat dropped and well timed genre changes kept the party hungry patrons satisfied until it was the turn of the artistes.

Our island was well represented on the lunar stage with artistes such as Mysterio, Kisha, Nerdy and Ezra D’ Funmachine. As dawn officially broke the sound of sweet Soca music from regional superstars ErphaanAlvez (In Your Eyes, Come From, Intentions) and Olatunji (Oh Yay, Wining Good, Ola) ushered in the sunrise climax of July’s first successful event.