Cam Dancers go to Jail

This perhaps, is the best we’ve ever seen of Cam. On Friday July 29 the all-girl dance group put on a riveting show, a special production titled ‘Cam Dancers go to Jail’.

In an interview with YO, the group’s assistant dance coordinator Chelsea Joseph, elucidated on the name itself, and told us more about the event.

“Our event tonight was about Cam Dancers going to jail but it wasn’t necessarily jail; it was mostly speaking about going back to school and how girls believe that going to school is hard,and that only dance is their life,” (hence ‘jail’) she said.

The group isn’t sending the wrong message though, in fact, they’re doing just the opposite—stressing on the importance of school.

“The first half of the show was basically a storyline where we had our bigger girls trying to motivate our smaller girls and telling them that they need to go to school, work hard, and pass their exams in order to be at the top of their game,” the assistant dance coordinator added.

The show was a marvellous one. The girls danced effortlessly to a great selection of slow, rhythmic and upbeat tunes, amongst them gospel and afro-soca. They danced for hours, back to back—when one dance ended, another commenced.

And towards the end ‘friends of Cam’ joined the dancers on stage to bring the show to a fantastic close.

The event, a fundraiser (so that the dancers can have their own studio), was a success; the girls who had worked tirelessly for months to bring the show to life had accomplished what they set out to do.