The radio used to be a fun device one couldn’t do without

The radio used to be a fun device one couldn’t do without. It was like a companion, a friend, even a security guard if you want to take your fantasy that far. In the golden ages of radio, persons would turn to their favourite frequency to listen to their favourite announcer, music, sports programme or the weather forecast. There was a time when radio had regained its massive following from television but it is clear that those glory days are once again over for radio and sadly we don’t see a revival coming anytime soon.

The new aged technology such as the ipod or smart phones that have given us the ability to play the music we love on the go aren’t the ones at fault in this equation. If that were the case we would have accused the Walkman and Discman of those crimes ages ago. The perpetrator in the case is far more dangerous than some measly inventions that earned their creators millions of dollars. The perps in this scenario didn’t allow their giver of life the opportunity to develop financially, in fact they did quite the opposite.

The party or parties guilty of causing radio’s demise have for years been accused of destroying whatever lies in their wake. They have been charged with being responsible for the many ills facing the world that we live in. Wars, crime, diseases have all been blamed on man’s sinful nature and today we have another notch to engrave on the belt of man.

Now in this case man is relative so no gender can be left out. After listening to a radio talkshow a few days ago and hearing a man claim that should someone be chronically ill and his sickness poses a threat to the nation, the only option of survival should be to kill that individual should have been met with much scrutiny but sadly it wasn’t.

In the year 2016 where we have ways and means of taking care of the most contagious and deadly disease patients, we are hearing over the airwaves, a man must be killed in order to preserve lives. Such foolishness is the reason why persons keep turning to their ipod players and the like. I understand that everyone has a right to their opinion and that is fine, but when one makes radical and dangerous statements via the airwaves, claims that often go unchallenged we can’t help but wonder didvideo really kill the radio or was it that people were getting tired of the same mundane know it all’s who as it turns out know very little.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God Bless.

Scady. P