‘The Glam Life’

Photos by Rae Anthony, Lyndell Gordon

Last week, we introduced you to ‘The Glam Life’—an upscale fashion event that provides a platform for local stylists, designers, models and jewellers alike.

The event, (a fashion show/expo), took place on Saturday November 13, at the Johnson’s Centre in Rodney Bay—I of course, sat front row, in a ‘hot number’ (a new ‘LBD’—little black dress), and was eager to see what was in store. Fashion is my ‘passion’ after all—ugh, that sounds terribly trite but it must suffice.

The Glam Life

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The event started somewhere after nine; a handful of models opened the show displaying ‘Glamour Art by Toya’ (a well-known, skilled make-up artist).

The show was off to a (somewhat) slow start, however, things picked up eventually.

Models walked the runway sporting various looks but the clothing segment, undoubtedly was the best.The designs (most) were exquisite and attendees anticipated every look.

Participating in this year’s event were designers like: Helena Isaac, Kimberly Charlery, Lisa Volney, Marcella St. Omer, Thelma William and Tonya Small (amongst others).

Backstage was abuzz with models (there were many!) who looked through glass windows on the upper floor as they were getting ready for their next set. And in-between, there were performances from various local artistes and dance groups; there was also a cocktail party prior to the main event where various items (beauty products and jewellery amongst others) were being displayed.

The event (fashion show/expo) ended shortly after midnight and an after party followed. After all, what’s a party without an after-party?