“When You Broke and You Want to Jump Carnival”

Every year is di same ting yunno. Lol, but we doh care, di ting sweet and we go get di money by any means necessary…?

Carnival is approaching (Yasss! Made my down payment already!) and revellers are pumped! But for some people coming up with the money eh easy.(Tings hard gassa!)Issa whole process I tell you! Leh we talk about them struggles…

Skipping out on meals to pay your costume: Your belly growlingggg but you have to starve yourself cuz you know better things are coming. (‘Less’ hope you skip meals when you really have to! *Throwing shade!)

-Wanting a VIP costume, or worse yet, VVIP costume (but you indiscreet eh!) but you brokeee as hell and you cyah afford it. Lol take it in the back and make sure you save more next time around. Take a loan if you have to! No shame in that! (And they want to give revellers talk for taking a loan? CHOOPS! This is 2017 wah you feel? As long as you pay the bill on time sir/ma’am)!

-When the deadline is approachingbut you’re low on cash… L.O.L. Whole cor par bon! That’s the worst yunno! Using all your money to pay your costume but even after giving the band a wholesetta money for three months, you eh done. It’s as if they want your arm and foot (but is youuuuuuu that want to get it good, why you complaining?) So now you have to look high and low for money that eh deh. But mind you, even if they eh have, they getting it eh! And they say they broke…Lucians are magicians I tell you! (Mind you some ah them, when it comes to real situations they cyah make di money appear like that!) They should give us an award. Btw ya’llrecovered from that dragging session on Twitter yet? Other Caribbean islands diss our costumes gasa and Luciansvexxxxx…Gassa, fixxx that now! I nearly die! Lmbo!

-When your creative bone kicks in…When the deadline for you to pay (the lesterlarjan) is approaching and you know you eh have no kinda money nor will anyone help you out. #TimeToGetCreative. Sell cakes at work, soft drinks—whatever! By the hook or by the crook, you will be in carnival! Nuting can stop that!

-When bae tells you no…Gassssa I feel for you! When you see you want to jump carnival there and bae tells you owar, try again! (Hard luck dread!) 1. He eh like them “bacchanal thing”. 2. You not going out of the house looking like this. 3. Not his money that paying for any kind of costume. Lol look it, you stick!

-Getting time off from work…Wanting to play mas but your boss declines your request for time off from work or having to call in sick. Leh me tell you, I hope ya’ll wearing disguise when ya’ll doing ya’ll ting because you’ll be on social media or TV di sameee day! But don’t say I encouraged you! Bon! That’s not what I’m doing, how is me uh?