‘Xtreme’ 2017

Last year they turned heads with ‘Heroes or Villains’. This year, they upped their game even more, and wowed the masses with ‘Sunset 2 Sunrise.’ You have to admit, the name alone is captivating and when the theme was revealed, many revellers were curious to see what RoyalitesXtreme Carnival Band would bring to the table this year.

Are they pleased?You betcha. Based on revellers response, it is clear thatRoyalites brought the heat this year.

There are nine sections namely: ‘Sunset’, ‘Cocktail’, ‘Casino’, ‘Showtime’, ‘Midnight Magic’, ‘Rhythms’, ‘Streetwalker’, ‘Passion’ and ‘Sunrise’. Sounds interesting? It is; there is a costume for everyone: a costume for the girl who likes to bare it all, one for the girl who is a tad shy and who prefers mystery, one for the individual who loves a fusion of colours and one for the individual who prefers something more traditional, etcetera.

The launch took place at the Bay Gardens Hotel on Saturday, April 22, and those who attended left in high spirits; it was clear that they (most) were not in the least bit prepared for what Royalites had to offer.

Speaking on this year’s theme, Public Relations Officer (P.R.O.) for ‘Xtreme’, Kendell Eugene, said, “The theme, it’s basically how we party; when we jump carnival it’s basically from sunrise to sunset.”

If there is one thing the band is known for, it’s for sticking to their theme: “When you look at our portrayal you can see something,” the P.R.O. said.

He continued: “We’re portraying from ‘Sunrise 2 Sunset’.If you look at some of our costumes for instance, ‘Sunrise’, you would see the rays of the sun in the costume; things that happen during the night—the streetwalkers, there are costumes that depict that.We have a costume with jeans pants and a lot of people may be surprised but look at it carefully, a lot of people who walk the streets day in and day out wear jeans.”

Jumping with Royalities is inexpensive too—every costume is under EC $1000.00.

The band is nine years old—will their 10th anniversary be an even bigger deal? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Says Mr Eugene, “If you’re a new reveller, expect an extreme amount of energy.”

‘Xtreme’ indeed.