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DJ X-Factor

If you look around, you will recognize a common denominator within our music industry specifically our Deejays. Many of the household names that you’re familiar with can trace the majority of their successes back to the Heineken Greensynergy family tree. It goes without saying that the competition has not only assisted in much needed exposure for deejays but the brand Heineken has been known to throw its support behind deejay promoted events throughout the years.

The curtains of the Heineken Greensynergy summer long D.J. competition came down this past Sunday at the espoused home of the competition, Fond D’or, Dennery. Scores of followers of the competition, now in its 13th year, braved the scorching sun earlier during the day and what seemed like threatening torrential rain closer to the evening, to witness the two major components in the annual competition – the skills and the clash.

Each component saw a total of ten deejays fill up slots in an effort to be crowned Greensynergy Champion 2017, thus dethroning T-Boog(Skills) and last year’s joint Clash Champions Lil Yute and D.J. Deal.

The competition began at approximately 5:30p.m. with skills competition where deejays had to impress the judges with their abilities to mix, scratch, perform tricks and have an overall wow factor while keeping to the theme of the competition. In the early years of the competition turntablists had seemed to capture the hearts of the crowd and the approval of the judges, but that artform seemed to have been a distant memory as the winners had easily captured first place with digital players or midi controllers.

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This year marked a welcome change. More skills deejays opted to use turntables, the fan favourite being the legendary Technics 1200 and Audio Technica. A few newcomers to the competition like D.J. Cue from as early as the semifinals, sent a warning shot to veteran competitors that he was gunning for that trophy. Armed with an affable charisma and character, he had no problems winning the crowd over with unique mixing skills and dance moves that included walking on his hands and a few splits for good measure. His set was good enough to land him in the runner-up position.

X-Factor who was the 2016 champion, looked set to avenge his loss to T-Boog last year and this time around he came with two new friends in the form of turn tables. His set was almost perfect and somewhat reminiscent of the undisputed and undefeated three-time Greensynergy champion Webbie D. His confidence oozed from the onset and as he executed an almost perfect set all eyes turned to the defending champions.

T-Boog and his hype man Sli Eli were set on making two wins in two tries after stunning the Extatic Nation a year ago at the finals in Pigeon Point. As they began the flare an excitement that we remembered was noticeably missing. Nonetheless, the duo persevered attempting to regain some of the magic they had found in the north but it wasn’t to be and X-Factor would beat them in this year’s Skills Competition.

The Clash followed after a brief intermission during which the crowd was entertained by Trinidad’s D.J. Watty who laced a few dubplates in proper preparation for the most anticipated event on the night. The Clash had grown significantly over the years and the number of new sign-ups is a clear testament. Small sound clash contests were held around the island leading up to the night of the finals which had fans already predicting their winners.

From early we would realize that D.J. Deal or Lil Yute would not be returning as champions as the two would square off in the first round. Lil Yute won that round but not as easy as he would have liked as the Cell Phone D.J. Deal kept him honest with quick and witty replies. A disqualification saw Twin of Twins enter the next round but they were eliminated before making it to the grand stage.

D.J. Rufus had a battle on his hands against Lil Yute who was poised to make it to the finals for a third consecutive year. The record was broken in another close encounter which set up a thrilling final match up with D.J. Rufus and KerbzExtatic, the latter having eliminated the likes of Twins of Twins and Run it Red.

The gloves were definitely off in the finals as Kerbz held nothing back and quickly fazed his opponent into playing directly into his hands and song after song, Kerbz could feel he was inching closer to the championship trophy and a cash prize of $8000.00. After the allotted five clash songs and two 45 hits, Kerbz was judged the winner of The Greensynergy Clash.