“My how the tables have turned,”

“My how the tables have turned,” Christmas movie watchers will immediately recognize this line from the famous movie Home Alone 2: Lost New York. It was the words uttered to a fallen Kevin McCallister, as his nemeses Harry and Marv baring down on him as he had presumably outsmarted them for the last time.

Now, before you start wondering, I didn’t just use that three second scene from the movie to show off my vast knowledge in 20th Century Fox movies. It is the beginning of a very important topic in this weekend’s Slouch from the Couch.

A man has to work hard to make it to the number one spot but when he gets there, he must work twice as hard to stay perched at the summit. In the event that he slips off his high pedestal, it would be a nice asset to have a safety net waiting to cushion his fall. That safety net is not the physical contraption but the people who you interact with on the way up.

Some of us on our way to stardom forget to thank or even take with us to the top the people that helped us on the way. Instead we tend to turn up our nose at them almost to indicate that with or without them you would have still made it. Now, that maybe true, but think about it for a minute; didn’t their help smooth and quicken the process for you?

Thoughts like these seldom formulate in the brain except for when one finds himself in a jam and realize the only way out is with the very people that he had cast away like yesterday’s news. It isn’t until the tables have turned on us that we see how important it is to show humility and humbleness.

So, before you end up on the other side of the table make it a habit to be forever appreciative and thankful to the people in your life.

That’s all for me this weekend guys and girls. Have a safe one and God bless.

Scady . P

P.S…The first paragraph was to show my superior movie memorizing skill!!!