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Gregory Sydney

Gregory Sydney has a firm grip on the success ladder. With an eye designed for business, Gregory, owner and General Manager of ‘Quick Delivery’ is taking Saint Lucia by storm at 30 years old.

He’s ambitious.The ‘Quick Delivery’ owner dipped his foot in the entrepreneurship pool at a very young age and even then, he was successful.

“When I attended Sir Arthur Lewis Community College I sold shirts and shoes. I was always open-minded and read the news to stay informed. I wanted to know what was going on, what people liked and what they disliked,” the young entrepreneur said.

Later, Gregory would move from ‘salesman’ to entrepreneur. On April 4, his brainchild, ‘Quick Delivery’ turned a year.

What inspired his company? Gregory replied simply: “necessity”.

“Some time ago I was trapped at work and wanted food delivered and the only option at the time was pizza. I’m not big on fast food and it dawned on me: Saint Lucia needs something like this. On the weekend I wrote the business plan for ‘Quick Delivery’ and that was it,” he added.

According to the businessman, “Quick Delivery is an inland courier service where we deliver food from different restaurants, medication, grocery, small packages and documents .We even do bill payments as well and sell tickets for different events.”

Although the company turned a year recently, ‘Quick Delivery’ first came to life five years ago. At the time, the company only offered meal delivery, but soon after, it grew.

“We had a test run for six months. We wanted to see how people would respond to it and what people wanted. When we delivered meals our customers would ask us to drop off a document here and there so I added it to the service.People would also ask us to shop for their groceries and more,” Gregory explained.

Now as they celebrate their one year anniversary, ‘Quick Delivery’ is giving back in a big way. Amongst their charitable acts is a food drive. On Sunday April 8, the company will hand out 50 meals to the homeless.

Although climbing the success ladder wasn’t easy, for Gregory, it was all worth it.

“Know your goal, know what you want, know what you’re worth and just keep going for it,” headvised upcoming entrepreneurs.

“You have to be very good at listening but at the same time don’t let things change your mind;you know what you want so go for it,”he added.

He also encouraged aspiring business owners to learn from other people’s mistakes.

“You don’t have to go through everything on your own. Hear other people’s stories, see their faults and try not to repeat it,” he stressed, adding that it’s also important for individuals to read on their field of interest.

Located in Mongiraud, Gros Islet, ‘Quick Delivery’, soon, will open doors in Castries and later, Vieux Fort.

“It’s a beautiful thing because you get to create something and see it grow like a child. It has its struggles, however,you have to be determined,” he said, describing what it is like to be an entrepreneur.

“When you think of ‘Quick Delivery’you have to breathe a sigh of relief,” a smiling Gregory said.

A resident of Babonneau, Gregory is also a Quantity SurveyorProject Manager (Prosyd Cost Management) and farmer.

“When I was growing up Math was my favourite subject. I loved numbers and I always liked construction,” he said, explaining how his love for Quantity Surveying was born.

“I remember when the Babonneau Secondary School was being built, I was going to school one morning (St. Mary’s College) and I told my mom I wanted to own my own construction site one day, not knowing that you can’t really own a construction site,” he said, chuckling.

Later he would go to Sir Arthur Lewis Community College’s Division of Technical Education and Management Studies to pursue the area.

“I went through the list of programmes and there was Architecture, Quantity Surveying and Civil Engineering. I put Architecture as my first choice and though I wasn’t sure what Quantity Surveying was at the time, I selected it and was selected for the class. It was a small group of us,I think eleven at the time,” he said, adding that he fell in love with the area, after he understood what it was.

Gregory, who walked away with an Associate’s Degree, was the only student in his class who graduated that year.

“I stayed on my path.Very often you find people doing one thing in school and by the time they join the work force they’re doing another—I never changed and here I am doing it still and I love every ounce of it,” he said passionately.

Farming, too, is a big part of his life.

“Farming was always something I wanted to go back into. I’m from Boguis, Babonneau which is a farming area. I have pigs on a small scale and I want to go large scale with it. I want to bring it on the farm land and build a nice functioning pigpen and go public with it and whilst on the land cultivate crops,” he said.

Gregory Sydney has a well-mapped out plan. He’s focused, with an insatiable hunger and is determined to reach the top of the ladder.

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