If You Cyah Buy It Put It Back!!!

Aye you…. I see you vorleying the people weave on the shelf… yes you with the red bag over there… PUT IT BACK! Lol jkkk, you almost break a sweat there already…

Now listen up… 2018 is the year of bundles: Malaysian, Brazilian, Cambodian, Indian… if your weave don’t looked relaxed or coolie (not dem shiny synthetic coolie ting, real coolie gasa) you eh in it! In 2018 we eh buying weave on shelf in tong again, in them packet ting that claiming there’s ‘human hair’ inside (muhteh!!) In 2018, sis, we elevating ting! It’s real human hair for us, you feel me?! (So says a number of girls, but I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to be ‘in it’ okurrrtt?! *in my Cardi B voice*) If $700 or $1,600 is ‘in style’ doh be in it my girl! Lol.

I love a good weave… (In case you were thinking otherwise…) that just making you feel yourself on all kinds of levels! #TheBomb.com (Plus, issa investment!)

The problem is when you have to beg, borrow, steal and take credit to get said good weave. If you cyah afford it, put it back! Trust me, if I was selling bundles I ain’t giving no credit. My number one rule? ‘I have no friends in business!’ I doh care if you’re my mother, sister, cousin, nehnen… I eh giving you nun. $700 worth of credit? Where you hear that?

My girl, if you can only afford the $20.00 synthetic weave, buy it and rock it till you can do better. (Just doh let it get wet…) Society like to put all kinds of pressure on people and make people feel bad when they feel like you not popping… but my girl rock your $20.00 weave eh! Just shelter the rain quick, quick quick! And doh flat iron it!

You never know who rocking expensive weave and who doh have food to eat…. Meanwhile, look at you… you eating your bread and cheese and sipping your lil grapefruit juice and your weight nice! You tick like a plum!

Now not all girls who rock expensive weave are hongry of course…I’m just telling you doh hang your hat where your hand or cash cyah reach. Or better yet, doh go and take people weave on credit and you cyah pay it cuz sis, they’ll expose you on Facebook! Doh go and buy weave and you cyah eat for the rest of the month! Nah sis! Be smarter than that!

If you have the money and you want to set yourself up real nice… go right ahead! But doh go and use your rent money to buy tingz you cyah afford!

I self just waiting a few months to buy some bundles there… I have to be on fleek you know! (Plus, once I buy a set, I good for a longgggg time!) But take note: I eh staying hungry, I eh taking credit or resorting to all sorts of things just to get some good Brazilian bundles… nah man, belly come first! Like they say… belly full, bum bum glaaaaaad!