So…. How You Getting Your Money for That Fete Sis?

So I’m on Facebook right, just scrolling through my timeline and all of a sudden I seeing a man business… gasaaaa I go and read that fasttt next ting mate delete that. Yall know mate expose his ex on Facebook, saying the girl was eating next man money so she could go out and flaunt herself. (Timanmay par niwèspèapwèzan!)

Now that’s not the first time I come across something like that you know. I’ve seen people asking how some unemployed girls going out all the time and they (the working class) cyah go out so often. Newsflash: Yallaint budgeting right. You could be living your best life too sis! Lol

On a serious note though, I just have to discuss this mess today because I just like you. Gasa, seems like I have to do something different or maybe I have to leave my job to go to a hotel every weekend so I can post my snaps too.

Yall see people on IG and SC living their best life and some of yall getting jealous fastttt! The girl just post a little picture with a cocktail at a hotel and you done give the girl talk already saying the girl doing things for money. HOWWWW you know that? Just because the girl enter a nice ride, she doing these things? But wait…. Maybe you’re right or maybe you’re so wrong. Meaning: 1. There are girls (and guys!) who sell their body and soul for money and 2. There are those who would never reduce themselves to something like that.

Let’s talk about (1) first. Like I was saying, a little drink you see the  girl post on Snapchat, you get vex already and cut your eyes same speed saying she eh even have edges, and she trying to play role. Lol, sis, sometimes everything is not what it seems: you don’t even know what you’re jealous of! There are women and men who will do all sorts of things just to have the latest fashion, go to different fetes and make it seem like they’re living their best life, meanwhile some man out there is telling his friends exactly what that “low-life” did for that money. Snaps ain’t so “lit” no more huh?

Number 2: There are girls and guys who just like to have a good time and don’t get involved in any of that though. (They in other fings!!!) Meaning: some doh care if they cyah eat tomorrow, they just living for now; some will beg and borrow to make it seem like they have it all; (some of them even stealing too!) HOWEVER, some people are just blessed and some just do things the right way. Sometimes wifey/hubby giving a lil extra money you know….some making extra money on the side the RIGHT way: online businesses booming these days iih. I well have to open mine.

Overall: don’t be jealous of what people have. If you cyah go to the hotel, go by the beach and take your pic! Stop getting salty so fast. Sometimes your pic even come out better too girl, wam to you?!