Why You Should Cop Cardi B’s Album

Cardi B has no filter and absolutely no chill—that has already been established. Former stripper, now rapper, this ‘Bronx’ girl came from nothing and turned it into something. Before dominating the rap game, ‘Bardi’ was already famous on sites like Instagram where she had over 10 million followers. Later she moved on to ‘Love and Hip Hop’ where DJ Self infamously passed on Cardi and lost BIG time. (Take this L Self!)

Image of Cardi B

Cardi B

Today, Cardi is pregnant and killing it, engaged to Migos rapper Offset (a highly controversial topic) and basically ‘winning at life’. Cardi has everything going for her and it looks like nothing (but God) can stop this express train that is Cardi B.

‘Invasion of Privacy’– I’m a huge Cardi B fan and was patiently waiting on Cardi to prove her naysayers wrong. Many thought that ‘Invasion of Privacy’ would have been a huge letdown especially after countless delays, but the album turned out to be just the opposite. This is the first album we’ve had in a long time, where we can press play on every single, without skipping album fillers. Even I was somewhat on edge about the album release initially.There was a lot of pressure riding on the former LHH star because of Bodak Yellow’s success and this album would determine whether she was a ‘one hit wonder’ or not. Cardi came out swinging… From ‘Ring’, ‘Get Up 10’, ‘I Like It’, ‘Money Moves’, ‘I Do’ and more, this album, without a doubt, is one of 2018’s best.

Forget the ghost writers. Cardi never claimed she did it all and even gave credit where credit was due. As much as I appreciate “real rap” (I’m a huge fan by the way), in 2018, ‘bops’ and even ghostwriters are necessary too. (Save the gasps for later). In Cardi’s case: she’s almost the full package, however, Cardi’s not book smart, (she knows it too) and can’t spit rhymes the way Nicki does.  However, Cardi can tell a story: her story. As much as that story may be littered with mistakes, the fact that it comes from a genuine place works for Cardi. All she needs is a proofreader, and Cardi is well on her way. (Some formal training won’t hurt though).

Image of Cardi B

Forget ‘Bodak Yellow’; find out more about Cardi B on ‘Get Up 10’ and the rest of the album. Of course I don’t mean forget about ‘Bodak Yellow’ entirely. However, there’s so much more to Cardi than this. If you’re going to buy one album in 2018, get ‘Invasion of Privacy’. Forget that she’s a former stripper—don’t allow that to cloud your vision. Remember: being a stripper or former stripper does not mean that one does not have talent.

‘Invasion of Privacy’ is a solid (critically acclaimed) album. Rappers everywhere are praising Cardi B for her amazing accomplishment and those who slept on her are now waking up. A diamond in the rough, Cardi B who was once was “covered in dollars” is now “drippin’ in jewels.”