Women in Science: Danielle Gordon

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Danielle Gordon

At age 23, Danielle graduated as a certified Microsoft Office Specialist at the top of her class with a BSc in Biochemistry with Biology from the University of the West Indies. Resilience attained through the turbulent start of her undergraduate journey inspired her to adopt a mentee, a likeminded student from Saint Lucia, to provide support and share key lessons learned. Danielle also served as a Faculty of Science and Technology Peer Advisor, Hall of Residence Block and Class Representatives where she mentored many other students and lobbied with administration on their behalf.

This active involvement in university life coupled with her academic standing, enabled Danielle to serve as the Head Teaching Assistant at the Student Programme for Innovation in Science and Engineering (SPISE) in Barbados. There, she led a team of five other Teaching Assistants, with which she shared a common interest, to share their passion and love for STEM subjects with students across the Caribbean Region.Post-graduation, as a Science teacher at her Alma Mater, St. Joseph’s Convent Secondary School, she was able to nurture and intellectually-stimulate the inquisitive and impressionable young female minds of Saint Lucia, in the scientific field.

In her successful collaborations as an intern with the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and a volunteerat the Victoria Hospital, Danielle has realized a professional goal of technological advancement by developing databases for effective information management within these departments.Having worked at the Forensic Science Laboratory, she has developed a desire to contribute to the social landscape of Saint Lucia by being directly involved in solving crimes, many of which are against women. These experiences have provided the foundation and impetus to pursue her dream of becoming a DNA Analyst in further studies. Use of DNA Analysis is a critical part of Government’s strategy to disrupt, contain and prosecute crime thereby improving safety and security in Saint Lucia.

Now 26, Danielle is currently acting as the Science and Technology Officer within the Department of Sustainable Development (DSD). DSD leads the process of achieving sustainable development in Saint Lucia. Science and Technology (S&T) plays a critical role in achieving this as it has become one of the key contributors to modern economic and social development. It is her duty to demonstrate and strengthen key linkages between S&T and sustainable development. Danielle stands by the notion that a country’s greatest asset is its human resource which must be empowered and nurtured, particularly in the academic discipline of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Recognizing that Goal #5 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) speaks to gender equality and the empowerment of girls and women, features of Saint Lucian Women in Science is a celebration of their achievements as well as the progress Saint Lucia has made towards gender equality. It will be a stride towards the increased recognition of outstanding nationals in the scientific and technological arena, particularly of our women. Moreover, this will document and promote public awareness of the contribution, and often pioneering efforts, of Saint Lucian women in various science-based and technological disciplines and professions.

Danielle encourages Saint Lucian Women in Science engaged in pure or applied research, innovation and invention, education, policy making, planning and management, in both public and private spheres to be part of this press for progress. All countries, and in particular developing countries like Saint Lucia, need a much larger scientific and technological workforce to ensure sustainable socio-economic development. To contribute to the global momentum in striving for gender parity, Danielle hopes that this call can translate into a mentorship programme for girls interested in pursuing Science careers through collective action and shared responsibility. Interested persons are invited to contact Danielle via email [email protected] or phone (758) 451-8746 or visit the Facebook page: @STinSLU