I was recently taken aback when I read a story

I was recently taken aback when I read a story about a 30 year old man that had to be sued by his parents because, get this, they couldn’t get him to leave the house after numerous attempts. The threat of an eviction letter, well two eviction letters did nothing but tickle this man’s funny bone as I am perfectly sure he was having one or two chuckles at their expense. I mean let’s face it, if we were in his shoes (not a Caribbean mother or father) and our parents wrote to us saying “you’re evicted”, what would the reaction be?

This man’s story however is not too different from what actually occurs in some households. You see for years our parents tried to instil the importance of a sound education, but a few of us just couldn’t be bothered with the life lessons that were being taught. We skylarked, wasted valuable time and in the end came out almost the same way we went in. It isn’t until we have to face the real world do we understand just what mama was trying to say.

In this man’s case, we don’t know if he was nuisance at school but we were privy to his mom telling him that “there are jobs available even for those with a poor work history like you.” That tells us that he has the ability to work, but through utter laziness and possible spoiling by the same parents, he opts not to. I can only imagine the arguments on an afternoon in that household but as the saying goes the longest rope has an end and when one gets to that end even the kindest philanthropist will blow a fuse.

Now you don’t have to be like that guy. There are ways to combat that illness and it is very easy providing that the word lazy is not in your vocabulary. If you aren’t afraid of a little hard work then your blessing will be abundant. I can almost guarantee you that your parents won’t kick you out of the house either, especially if you’re going to be helping out with bills.

You don’t have to be making tens of thousands of dollars for the gratitude to show. Sometimes, the occasional grocery shopping or bill payment is all that is required especially if you are consuming a fair amount. Moreover, respect for authority is an added plus in situations like that.

I have to end here folks, have a great weekend and God bless.

Scady. P