YOUNG LEADERS – Sir Ira Simmons

The Sir Ira Simmons Secondary School RBC Young Leaders have recently culminated this year’s project activity with a grand STAND OUT MARCH and Poster Competition on the school grounds. With this year’s RBC theme “I am WE…Leading change in our community”, the Sir Ira Simmons Young Leaders decided to lead change based on the Project entitled “Don’t Follow the Crowd – STAND OUT!”

The aim of our project was to empower and develop self-actualisation among our student body which as a result would reduce the likelihood of fights, cyber-bullying, theft and rebellion within our schools. Throughout our project we devised innovative and youth-oriented ways of channeling our message to other young persons like ourselves.

Among the many activities we undertook was a drama production at Primary and Secondary schools within or district which highlighted the issues faced by teens within the school setting and the many solutions to those problems. Some other activities included our STAND OUT workshop and Boot camp, STAND OUT Mentorship programme, STAND OUT Poster Competition and STAND OUT March. The STAND OUT March for us was really the highlight of our project this year! What stood out for us was the highlevel of participation and creativity of expression of our fellow schoolmates and community members.

We advocate that every young person STANDS OUT amidst the crowd of negativity that tends to surround them. Let us begin to tap into out talents and strengths which make us all unique contributors to society. This will promote positive behaviours and ultimately reduce and eradicate the escalating levels of fights, theft, cyberbullying and other social issues which exist amongour youth.