A need to be something you’re not

A need to be something you’re not. Is that a bad thing? Some might say yes some might say no, but for me it all depends. When I read the line “a need to be something you’re not” I think of two possibilities; as a young boy growing up I was always intrigued by the voice that came out of the radio and for years I imagined myself finding out where that voice came from. My imagination obviously got the better of me and one day I destroyed, err, opening my grandmother’s 1950s style silver transistor radio to find out who the voice belonged to. Needless to say she wasn’t impressed and I was, well, I was disappointed that there was no on in that radio.

Hearing her yell at me that the voice was indeed a person who worked at a radio station lit a bulb in my head. I wanted to be that voice someday, and from then I had been aiming to be a voice through the radio. Now for me that is admirable, a young boy with a need to be something he wasn’t at the time. Despite many circumstances that could have seen me call it quits on that dream, through much perseverance, faith and hard work, the dream became a reality and still is to this day.

Now let’s look at a reason some people may say that “a need to be something you’re not” is a bad thing. This is my second possibility. In a world where social media has made it okay to become an entirely different person, folks are losing themselves in their social media character. Many times we see individuals display certain characteristics that calls for several eyebrows to be raised. They put up a front to impress certain individuals or groups. Being an imposter is almost second nature for those individuals and when the smoke clears they can hardly identify themselves.

The reason individuals become impersonators may come as a shock to some but for me I understood perfectly. The number one reason I observed was simply down to self-esteem. So many of our young people convert themselves to fit the images and ideas of others when in reality their uniqueness is what really shines. You shouldn’t rob the world of knowing the real you just because a group you are longing to be a part of thinks you’re not cool enough.

According to power of positivity, one shouldn’t have to look to others for acceptance, and I will end with a quote that is fitting for this Slouch, “truthfully, none of us needs permission to be ourselves on this planet. We can all coexist in our individuality, and learn from one another. If you have become someone else, you probably rely on others a lot for acceptance because you can’t even accept yourself. Don’t fall victim to this way of thinking. Simply be what comes naturally, and forget what others have to say about.”

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.

Scady. P