The Boys Did It Again!

The young boys from the Saint Mary’s College brought the house down with another staging of their highly anticipated talent show, TALFEST. The grand concert that features talent from within the walls of the island’s premiere secondary this year took the form of a competition with four students putting their acting, dancing and singing abilities on parade.

An event that was conceptualized more than a decade ago, TALFEST, continued attracting massive numbers to the National Cultural Centre, this year welcoming a diverse number of patrons from schools island-wide. A Notable mention must be made to the parents who sometimes looked just as energized and hyped for the night’s performances as it was promised to be a night to remember.

The boys kicked off the show on high note with an intro video /promo and an opening dance number; an instant crowd pleaser. After the entertaining and funny host welcomed the audience, it was time to meet the six contestants who would dip for their placements. Of course if you have attended a TALFEST show in the past you would know this is where the girls in attendance begin the nightly screams or cheers as they would like to call them.

The school’s band struck a number from Erphaan Alves, Overdue, and a long with the Junior Pan players, brought a brief carnival atmosphere before the Geography Class gave an unorthodox style news report. The Sports Department showed their prowess with the football, potentially signaling a warning to the other schools that clean sheets and hat tricks are what they are about.

The audience were clearly warmed up for the competition ahead and as the M.C. announced the first two competitors, Giddel Nicholas and Brandon Philogence, a thunderous round of applause filled the venue. Gidel tapped into the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, performing a Motown classic, “Ben”, while Brandon moved the audience with his rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect.”

A break from the competition and a few dry jokes later saw the third contestant Danzel Phibert attempt to mesmerize the audience with his magic act. This year, he opted to add a twist to his presentation, incorporating dance while he performed tricks that left everyone in awe. Jory James, who dipped number four, brought out his strings instrument. With his violin, the young Samarian had everyone grooving to his version of Overdue (cue the karaoke singers).

After a hotly contested first half, the audience were given a much required break but not before announcing a little more entertainment in the form of masqueraders, models and a live deejay.

We would return to a second half of entertainment that included a Mad Scientist presentation that would make their Chemistry teacher keep them back after class and a performance by Mathew Parish and Mr. Hutchinson titled “Over the Rainbow”. The SMC Dancers were also on hand to deliver, dancing to the popular Afro Beats song, “Personally” before Chazzi and Elmo offered their musical assistance with pan.

The competition was just as fierce in the second half and the young boys pulled out all the stops in an attempt to win the ShopBox sponsored Nintendo Switch. Nathan Eitienne brought some church to the competition with his walloping version of “Alleluia.” Christian Lawrence went back into the 90s and picked one of the most timeless songs from Grammy award winning musician Michael Bolton. The fifteen year old flawlessly delivered, “When a Man Loves a Woman” and he was followed by Darnel Pierre who like a true pupil of his former Principal Mr. Seon, performed a Calypso, written by himself. Tyshawn Hippolyte ended the competition with a fiery performance of Ezra D’ funmachine’s (an old boy himself) “Money Dance.

As the judges deliberated, the Senior Pan Players performed a few hits and the SMC news was read in true TALFEST fashion.

With the results in hand and sweaty palms being rubbed together, the M.C announced that Christian Lawrence had edged out his other school mates to claim the prized Nintendo Switch at the 2018 SMC TALFEST.

The show ended with a “Wild” performance from Mantius and an even more energetic performance from Ezra D’funmachine who initially called Tyshawn back on stage to perform “Money Dance” with him.

So teachers, the question is, how are you all going to top this year’s TALFEST in 2019?