This was not the way I intended to start my new year back at work

Scady P

This was not the way I intended to start my new year back at work. My Slouch from the Couch wasn’t supposed to be filled with such emotion and feelings of disenchantment, but sadly readers I have to bid you the warmest greetings with a very disappointed heart. Our world has been suffering from the greatest pains for years now; wars, famine, starvation, and global warming are just a few of the ills that have been highlighted in the international media. Thankfully, we have not been victims to all but we still feel the effects of some especially, global warming.  There is one plague however that has infected our people and it is manifesting at an alarming rate.

The pleasures of seeing others in pain seems to be a favourite past time for many. This week I had the displeasure of seeing social media users tear down a young woman who wants to pursue a career in the Hip Hop industry. The comments, came in fast and boy were they furious. Save for a few, the majority of individuals that commented spewed hate and disrespect. After reading a day’s worth of criticisms, I pondered about the fate of this millennial generation.  Yes, we are in a world where everyone has his or her opinion but has that replaced common human decency which clearly results in folks showing such a low level of emotional intelligence?

The vultures took turns attacking her as if she was their prey and inviting others to do the same. It is a cycle that has somewhat become acceptable to all. The excuse that, “I have a right to voice my opinion”, seems to have given license to be discourteous and disrespectful. We need to find a way to revive the days of compliments and constructive criticisms, the years of if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all. We can’t be a generation that is perceived to be promoters of hate and everything negative.

To the young rapper, you are delving into an industry that unfortunately will expose you to many more of the detractors you encountered.  I implore you to fight the anger, look past the disrespect and continue to hone your craft. You may not be the greatest right now, but you will be the best soon. Nothing happens before its time and only those who persevere are greatly rewarded. Don’t be afraid to fail or of those people who are hoping you fail.

Take it from a woman who was disrespected many times in her early career and even fired from her job at one time. “Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.” You may know her, her name is Oprah Winfrey.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.

Scady. P