A Journey Through Persia with Red Unlimited

Image of Red Unlimited model

A Journey Through Persia with Red Unlimited

We’re bringing in 2019 with style.

Celebrating 15 years of carnival on February 3, 2019, Red gave us a repeat of their long-awaited breakfast fete.

Using the scenic and refreshing Shangri-La estate as their marching grounds, the Red family brought us the legend of Persia, “Rise & Fall of an Empire.” With sponsors like FLOW, Shoe Rehab and Radio Caribbean along with our self-made DJs, Levi Chin, Hyper D and Phoenix, the whole event was a vybe.

Beginning in the wee hours of the morning, trickle by trickle the grounds filled up as excitement built among onlookers. I’m not sure if they expected such a turn out, but it was a shame that the delicious entrees were gone within minutes. (Red you need to tell us who the chef was!)

We know Lucians are never on time, but Red made the effort. Their launch was promised at ten and they delivered. One by one the costumes came out with beautiful colour combinations and Ezra ‘Forever The Entertainer’ and ‘Wiggles’ jesting in between, kept the crowd entertained, most of them bellowing laughter.

I’ll applaud the hot to trot models on their ‘trip free’ walks and routine display of the costumes and although mishaps happen, stylish corrections are what really matters; clearly Red, taught their girls well.

With seven sections Red Unlimited is aiming higher this year. Each costume portrayed on the morning had Band of the Year written all over it.Together they represented the theme well and will be a site to behold on Jeremie Street come Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

Ladies and gents, if lashings of feathers in your ‘beat’ face is a pet peeve of yours, then fear not, Red took care of that. With featherless costumes endowed with dangling gems and sparkles, you’ll let loose your inner Shakira.

Now hey, I didn’t say all the costumes were featherless. In fact, one of my favourites—the blue and purple lil’ number—shimmied her way down the runway in feathers and dangling chains.

All this movement was done to some of the best Soca for 2019, including ‘Issa Snack’ by Nessa Preppy featuring Travis World. Right choice of music: those costumes were definitely snacks. Who’s still hungry?