Just 4 Fun’s Phobia

Revellers are you ready to face your fears? If you’re a diehard Just 4 Fun reveller, you have no choice but to do so this year, but don’t worry: the party band is making facing your fears all too easy.

The highly anticipated band launch took place at the Pigeon Island National Landmark on Saturday January 26, under a dark, threatening sky, but even inclement weather did not ruin the night for an excited Just 4 Fun.

Eight sections were revealed that night: Arachnophobia (fear of spiders), Astraphobia (fear of thunder and lightning), Xenophobia (fear of the unknown), Pyrophobia (fear of fire), Chromophobia (fear of colour), Aquaphobia (fear of water), Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) andOneirophobia (fear of dreams).Their theme (‘Phobia’) was truly fitting.

Fear never looked so tempting. The costumes were a blaze of colour and they were just what some had hoped for and others, even more.

Astraphobia was well-received: its large angel-like wings, cotton candy coating, sparkling gems and warrior-like crown was arresting; Arachnophobia was like a burst of fireworks: bright, colourful and captivating; a peacock-like Xenophobia boasted its excellence and was perfect for a carnival queen; a fairy-like Chromophobia commanded the attention of all and Oneirophobia was as dreamy as ever.

A purple, pink, black, green, yellow and gold, show-stopping Ophidiophobia seemed to be the crowd favourite, however. The daring snake-like costume captivated the audience and those who were terrified of snakes, eagerly embraced a well-crafted Ophidiophobia.

There are many costumes to choose from (choosing a costume ain’t easy!)but those who take carnival seriously have secured their spots already.

Just 4 Fun is ready to take you on an exhilarating rollercoaster ride and they’re hoping you’ll come on board. Are youready for the ride of your life? Are you ready to face your fears?

For the band, it’s all about “the movement, the vibe, the mas” and an “unmatched carnival experience.”

Sounds appealing?

Tell me: are you ready to “break free?”