I Am Convinced We Are A Nation Of Complainers

I am convinced we are a nation of complainers and while I am at it allow me to include, ungrateful. We have for 39 years observed our Independence in a subpar fashion almost like we were being forced to observe February 22nd. For years I’ve heard and championed the cries for more focus to be placed on our island’s Independence celebrations since it is the only time in the year that we get to celebrate such a momentous occasion.

This year, after many lamentations, we won! We finally got someone in authority to listen and we got exactly what we clamored for. A bigger celebration that featured music, dancing, spoken word, drama, parades and so much more. In fact, it would appear that we got much more than we bargained for as the calendar of events for Independence 40 ends in December 2019 and not February 22nd 2019.

Hundreds, if not thousands of patriotic Saint Lucians, home and abroad, made their way to the City of Castries to partake in the festivities that started the day before our big day. Activities ran right through the midnight hour and for the people who had been patiently waiting for the highly promoted fireworks display (although it was almost 40 minutes late) didn’t leave the water front disappointed.

So why did I open my Slouch on such a lousy and crummy note? Simply because regardless of us seeing a massive turnout for each individual activity on the Thursday night, Best of St Lucia on two separate stages and St. Lucia Story on the Sab, record numbers turning out very early to see the military parade on Independence morning and the Independence parade in the afternoon and the plethora of activities that preceded the 22nd, folks still found a reason to complain. Some individuals still found a reason to be disrespectful and dare I say unpatriotic.

With the celebrations we had and what we have seen, guys I can proudly say and loud we were at our very best last week Friday. I saw smiling faces on children who had braved the scorching sun to catch a glimpse of Drum Major who stole the show with dance moves. I saw many young musicians take advantage of competitions and stage time afforded to them all in celebration of our Independence.

There are times we have to be critical and other times we just have “ ‘llow” transgressions that can’t be avoided.

To the Independence committee, I say a job well done and ya’ll can catch some sleep now. For our “haters”… tell whoever sent you that you didn’t see!

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.