A Black Eye is Not Love My Girl

Gasa I eh know wam to some girls nowadays uh, but someting wong. Seems like we’ll have to open up some people’s brains with a screwdriver because I feel a few screws on the floor.

Every day is a drama on Facebook! Who throwing parwol for who, that one saying her ex-friend steal her clothes or borrow it and never bring it back, who saying every girl in Lucia think they is makeup artists nowadays and some cyah even blend properly… (woyeeee!) Every day is a tra la la.

But is the black eye thing that makeme shake my head the most for real. You cyah tell me you think that kinda thing right sisteh? In case you didn’t see the post, a girl uploaded a video of herself on Facebook, showing off a black eye her boyfriend gave her. (Yes pal.) My girl say her padna thought she was cheating on him and mate get so vex because he thought she was sharing the love with somebody else. (Soukou!!!!!Sarkiwivaynoumuhmy?)

Now my girl, I wish I coulda talk to you one and one to make you see that eh true love gasa. You never hear the saying love doesn’t hurt? Sar par blag.

From the time they beating you up like you’z some kinda rag doll, run!!!! Run like a black person in a scary movietifee.

Now parents I want to talk to your’ll… just come on a side so we could have a lil chat…


I eh want to say all parents fail their children, cuz that eh true at all, but some of your’ll fail your’ll children bad, bad, bad!! Stop spending so much time by the bar and by the road gossiping!! Stop quarrelling and fighting with girls in the community cuz Suzie tell you Marcia and Cheryl say this and that about you and stop wasting time on men who have no interest in you. Focus on your children!!! Some of them are breaking and entering people’s houses, some robbing children at their school, some going to school without food and some of them on their fourth child already!

Your’lldeh like Aglacia in Check Uh Pechegasa… your’ll backwards! (Remember when Stefunknee was pregnant and Aglacia didn’t even know that? Bishop head was hot!!!!) Well that’s how some of your’ll acting.

Now girls, your parents cyah do all the work. At a certain age you have to step up gasa. The focus cyah just be on Brayzeelian weave and them pouch your’ll does have at the side of your waist every day.

Value yourselves and stop putting degrading fings on Facebook! I cyah even go on Facebook in public these days without headphones because of some of the mad things your’ll does do and say. Next thing I on a bus and people start watching me sideways. Lot kotay!!!!

By: Basic B