The thought of having a loved one in so much pain…

The thought of having a loved one in so much pain that they can barely walk, eat, sleep or think should bother you.  It’s like the entire world is closing in on them and their only solace is to scream (at least for some).  But what do you think can cause such pain? What can possibly have your mother, father, grand parents or even your favourite aunt or uncle in such a state of discomfort? And should it bother you at all?

These are a few questions I need our youth to answer as the news of more gun violence and deaths continue to be a longtime friend of our media outlets. We won’t dare blame the reporters for doing their job. If it wasn’t for them, the majority of island people would be left in the dark with the current happenings around us.

We will however blame the criminal elements who show no remorse to their victims and sadly think very little of their own families. I often wonder when one makes the decision to rob or kill someone, what is the thought process like. Don’t they consider their own families as well and how such actions would negatively impact and ultimately strain their relationship?

These questions should be the first ones that flash through your minds and not after you have been arrested and charged for offenses so serious that if convicted you may never have the freedom you so richly enjoy.

I have had the opportunity to visit the Bordelais Correctional Facility in Dennery and I must tell you the somber ride up the hill alone is enough to break even the strongest man. The smallest amenities that you take for granted today are the ones you will be wishing should follow the foolish decisions of criminals.

The love you thought you didn’t have or in some cases didn’t need is exactly what you have shattered as it is often your family making that long arduous walk up that hill in the burning sun just to see you for a few minutes. It is that love that feels the hurt every time you are seen in prison garbs the few times a year visits are allowed.

Save your family and friends that pain. Do better with your life, enjoy it and of course become a model citizen and roll model that the younger generation coming up can aspire to be like.

Have a great weekend yall and God bless.