Faustina and The Unicorn Project celebrate ONE YEAR

Image of Faustina


It started with an epiphany while reading a book by my favourite motivational speaker in December called Abundance Now. The name of the blog and the ethos popped in my head; The Unicorn Project – a blog spreading glitter and encouraging readers to do the same! I wrote it down and worked at it ever since. I originally planned to launch it when I started my second year at university in September but changed it to July 13 because it was my niece’s first birthday – this was my birthday gift to her!

Blog posts and content on our social media pages are generally focused on motivating readers. Towards the end of 2018, The Unicorn Project ran its first major activity – a book drive benefiting the Anse-la-Raye RC Infant School. Launched at my university and advertised at my church, we eventually surpassed our initial goal almost five-fold, bringing our book collection to 193 books. Though our book drive has been our greatestachievement to date, we have done so much more, including partneringwithone of the leading law student resources in the UK, LawCareers.Net. I hosted an Instagram takeover one day where I showed the followers of LawCareers.Net’s Instagram what my typical Thursday looked like, from the time I got up to when I went to bed! I also had the opportunity to write a blog post for LCN entitled ‘The pressures of an international student seeking a legal career in the UK’.

2019 has been so extraordinary so far! We’ve had guest bloggers writing every month which has brought a new style to the blog. I’ve also expanded it to The Legal Unicorn (since I am a law student and aspiring Solicitor) where I posted ‘Productivity Tips’ during term time. We’re on Summer break now, so our Productivity Tips have turned to ‘Timeout Tuesday’ as a form of mindfulness awareness probing readers every Tuesday to do something different and truly mindful!

To commemorate our first anniversary, The Unicorn Project is proud to announce “One Step Closer: A Scholarship Fund by Joel Jn.Charles and The Unicorn Project”.

Joel is one of my closest friends and this year we will be aiding a student of the Anse-la-Raye Primary School. It’s quite an exciting partnership and venture and we anticipate its growth over the coming years!

If you want to find out more about The Unicorn Project, please reach out: