Your’ll Too So: Start Paying People Properly Gasa

Your’ll sure we in 2019? Your’ll sure? Cuz the way 2019 set up deh eh, ahwar.

Gasa sometimes I does long to be a child again. When you small (like karkarwat size) you eh have no stress. They feeding you, you watching TV how much, you playing in the yard with fowls if you from country (da was di best e) you just eh have no kinna stress. (Most times I should say cuz some children does real get it hard.)

You remember when you was small and you couldn’t wait to be an adult? You swear you’d be partying every day and rolling in money like a pig in mud. You had all your plans! You couldn’t wait to move outta your parents house because you base your mind is nonsense they talking. Sometimes they send parwol for you and you blue vex but you cyah slam the door too hard cuz they go make you understand yourself fast. All that giving you rage couma and you saying you cyah wait to leave your mudda house underneath your breath. Doh ask for the boyfriend and girlfriend and ting… you couldn’t wait to get one and live your life!

Gahday ou ahpwayza. That adulting fing eh nice as you thought eh? It has its moments eh, but gasa look responsibilities wee! But you know one ting I eh like? That annoying me like tick on dog back. I hateee how some employers does underpay their employees. Making people do real slave work and they barely want to pay you.

How much people trying to start a business on the side now or open their own ting cuz some of these people ridiculous. They have companies that hiring children that just leave school and they can barely do the job. I’m all for people getting employed but train the people PROPERLY and give them what they need to do their job properly. Your’ll too so. Summa dem people just have wicked heart I tell you because you cyah tell me you care about your employees and you treating them like that, ahwar. Your’ll fail to realize when your’ll mistreat people that coming back to you. Westaylar.

People lemme tell you something. If you have a talent, doh sit on it. If you can make a lil fudge or ice lolly or pemitry and sell it tun. Put your lil money on a side and save until you can do what you want. If you can make carbooway or chairs, doh just sitdeh! Make di ting gasa! If you eh have a job and no money on a side, try and get a lilting and then save. If you just cyah get something, wash people cars and do lil odd jobs here and there until you can start your own ting.

Doh let no foolish person put bad tings in your head. Summa dem go laugh but lemme tell you that..who laughs last laughs the best! Laugh all the way to the bank eh!

By: Basic B