Wilburne’s making You Think!

Image of wilburn


And Wilburne does it again!!  After releasing his debut album “Spiritual Awakening” in August 2018, Wilburne now has a new hit single for 2019 entitled “Think ‘Bout What You Doing”. This song is from the “Block Party” riddim produced by Positive Vybez Productions in Florida. In this masterpiece, Wilburne showcases his vocal agility whilst incontrovertibly conveying the message that we should envisage our actions as they have consequences, some of which can prove severe. This dancehall/RnB specimen has received raved reviews on social media.

Progression intensifies for the youngster as he continues to grow exponentially in popularity nationwide. Prior to the new hit, Wilburne has been on the line up of many local gospel concerts inclusive of ‘Jazz in the Yard’. Hearing Wilburne live, listeners concur that his voice is simply phenomenal.

In February of this year, Wilburne was one of the three artistes selected to sing the theme song for Independence 40, “We’re All in” composed by Ronald “Boo” Hinkson. Subsequently, he sang the song at the Prime Minister’s Ball, for the Prince in Vieux Fort and at other functions. It still doesn’t stop there. When you turn on your television, you may spot Wilburne in a music video for the Independence song and music videos for his hit songs “Destiny” and “No One Will Talk” from his album.

How does he keep doing it? Attempting to frame a career out of music in St. Lucia has proven laborious especially financially. However, with heightened fan support and the strength from Almighty God, the young star continues to make headway on his dreams. Though the journey hasn’t been an easy one, at this rate, the young prodigy will create a huge impact on the regional and international markets.

To follow Wilburne’s music journey or to book him for weddings, funerals, or other functions like his page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wilburnemusic/