Your’ll Too Involved in People Relationships!

One ting Looshan women special eh. I never see a setta women that like roro so. Likeee to put their self in people business! If they was giving out awards for that, your’ll taking all wee.

Doh ask for when their best friend and her boyfriend inna soaps. They giving so much advice, Dr. Phil outta a job by the time they finish. “Why you doh leave mate?I tired of telling you you can do better. Girl you looking good any fella go check you!”

Real professional ting I tell you. Now I eh saying you cyah give advice uh, all how, dah is your friend so you have to check for her! But gasa, Looshan women does get so involved, they getting vex more than the friend that have the problem!

When they see the mun, they cutting eyes, you swear is a knife! Their mouth stretch more than a soo-coo-yor, they eh greeting the fella when they see him cuz their friend vex with him, and all kinda foolish ting.

But when the girl make up with her boyfriend to see them! They eh know what to do with their self because they know they looking ridiculous. Mun does real have di last laugh in dem times I tell you.

One time my padna tell me his ex make her friend delete all their pics on Facebook. Di girl screw, she at work and she cyah go online, so she call her friend, give her the password for her account, and make her delete all the pics of her and the fella couma. Two twos, the people make up and the friend looking like a whole joke.

Your’llis di best e.

Let my girl try that uh! I fixing both of dem up! Ohhhh so vex you vex so? I buttering you up like a hot bread in a bakery, I forgetting we have problem same speed! And hear that uh… as soon as we make up I making you cut your friend off! Cyah be a real friend if you working against me, you check it?

Gasa joke I joking eh. Next thing your’ll come for me. I know your’ll already.

But ree-yul masiay, when A and D having a conversation, see yourself out. Not that they does say uh? Mar sav. Your’ll like to involve your’ll selfin people relationship too much.Yes that’s your friend, and yes you have to check for her, but doh go overboard. Some of your’ll going too far.

Give good advice and doh try and kwaz di people relationship just cuz your friend vex because sometimes dem problems just temporary. If the mun abusing her, call the police, or help her pack her bags, but doh run and do madness when dah eh necessary.

Some of your’ll even want to fight with the fellas too! Gasayour’ll is boss e! Now if is me I carrying you outta my house same speed because you see that nonsense… I eh dealing wit it! Gwor nomme par ti-bwie.

By: Basic B