Recognising Greatness at Odsan Combined

The school’s mission statement “to equip every child with necessary life skills in a child friendly environment through positive teacher-parent collaboration, thus enabling students to become productive citizens” and their recently held Awards Celebration to commemorate Nobel Laureate’s Week is testament to the faculty’s desire and eagerness to ensure success for their students.

We may not want to admit it but we all need motivation. As we get older we can motivate ourselves from within based on the goals that we set for ourselves — such as studying to pass our exams because there may be a special gift from our parents or reading that extra book because you want to be smarter during the next lesson.

Whatever the motivating factor maybe, it all boils down to our opening sentence that we all need motivation. The teachers at the Odsan Combined School recognized this importance and last week held their annual awards ceremony inside the school’s auditorium.

Among the day’s activities was a motivational talk by Editor of YO! Magazine,, and Radio Broadcaster, Kendell “Scady” Eugene. His presentation not only encouraged the students to do their best at all times, and it also requested that the soon to be secondary school attendees to practice team work and discipline.

The students from the various classes performed a few spoken word pieces as well as serenaded their peers with well-known songs.

It wasn’t long after that the moment everyone had gathered for arrived and students who scored 85% or higher gleefully took to the stage to accept their certificates.

As the ceremony came to a close quiet promises to get higher grades so they too can receive certificates were made by a few proud friends who had missed the grade by a few marks.