Image of Yannick Jemmott aka I-Nick

Yannick Jemmott aka I-Nick

Yannick Jemmott better known artistically as I-Nick was born and raised in Georgetown, Guyana. From a tender age of 8 years old, he had a love and passion for music that gave him joy especially when he sang.

Growing up in Guyana, I-Nick developed a keen interest in music, especially in the genres of Dancehall and Reggae. He was fascinated with some of the major Reggae musical icons, with his favourites being Bob Marley, Buju Banton and Bounty Killer, just to name a few. Looking up to these musical icons he memorized the lyrics of their music and sang his favourite songs word for word.

I-Nick has been residing permanently in Saint Lucia for the past seven years and has in fact made Saint Lucia his home. It was on coming to Saint Lucia that he discovered he possessed good writing skills and started composing his original songs. Lyric writing came as a natural exercise for him and he found that he did it effortlessly. This is when he decided to pursue his dream of becoming an artiste and to embark on his musical journey.

In early 2019 he engaged one of the leading producers in Saint Lucia Ransum of Ransum Productions of Anse la Raye and recorded a mixed tape of eight tracks titled ‘Scream’ which he will soon be officially launching on all platforms of the media including social media. He also released in 2020 a hot new single called (WATCH D STYLE) also available on Youtube and every other platforms.

He has released a couple of his tracks whilst being interviewed at a few radio stations by DJ’s and announcers that heard his recorded work and invited him on air. The responses from the public and DJs have been tremendous and very flattering to I-Nick and has given him encouragement to go further with his musical career. This young and upcoming artistes intends to create and grow his fan base which he realizes is very important for an artiste.

With a completed mixed tape, and plans for video productions of his songs, he is well on his way to continuing to inspire and entertain people locally, regionally and internationally. He strongly believes that he must touch souls and inspire persons through his music.

Look out for this talented up and coming artiste!