“No Skinny Pants, Short Skirts, Etc. Is This School Rule Necessary?”

Shania Fenelon

Shania Fenelon

Shania Fenelon – “Some schools prohibit students from wearing things like skinny pants, large earrings, short skirts, etc.  I think these rules are good because when you enter the world of work there are different rules. For example, some workplaces tell you don’t wear a lot of jewellery, or don’t wear a particular hair colour.”

Harmony Louisy — “I agree with schools telling female students to wear their skirts at a certain length because some children overdo it and it can be really inappropriate. As for whether it’s okay for girls to wear large earrings? With some school children it makes them look like an adult, but at the same time it doesn’t really matter because you still have your school uniform on.”

Fefen Andas — “I don’t agree with schools telling students they can’t wear skinny pants. To me it makes no sense because it doesn’t get in the way of learning and it makes children look ugly. Children are more focused when they can wear pants in their size and large pants can even cause children to be bullied.”

Shaniqua George — “I think these rules are needed because some girls wear short skirts and it doesn’t look nice; it’s not appropriate. For the skinny pants, I agree with the rule because sometimes it’s too skinny and it can be a distraction.”