The secret in getting ahead is getting started

No one wants success and themselves to ever be parted

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary

A nine to one ratio, there should be no query

Hard work pays tremendously with high rewards

But reward getters seek attention and expect applauds

Who am I to blame them, success is great

Most successful people feel that they are successful because of destiny and fate

But then again that’s just a saying

To be successful you must know how the gamers are playing

Always be determined and motivated

Never let your new goal and idea become outdated

Because I tell you this world is a cycle

So get on the road and follow success with your motorcycle

Success moderation will help preserve and improve your nation

To better your country you need to better your working station

No hate, no criticism, no pain

Just love and unity and success will be your greatest gain

Standards used to creatively create empowerment and social skills might be the acronym for success

Just remember being successful means that you’re aiming to be the best

By:  Sharnard Amedee