Choose Your Friends Wisely

Rae Anthony

By Rae Anthony

When I accepted an invitation to a prayer meeting earlier this year, I didn’t expect much. The truth is, at the time it merely felt like an obligation, and I if I recall correctly, I couldn’t wait for the whole thing to be over. I had no intentions of joining the group again.

When I joined the meeting, however, my mindset changed entirely, and I immediately gravitated to the individuals I’d met. They embraced me wholeheartedly and I felt like I was right where I needed to be.

Thankfully, I found strength and comfort in this group, especially at the lowest point in my life and for that I’ll always be grateful.

So, why did I decide to speak about this this weekend? Simply because I’ve realized now more than ever, the importance of a great support system. In your weakest moments, you’ll undoubtedly need help, but that help must come from the right place.

Many of us are surrounded by people; those we share our darkest secrets with, laugh with, and even cry with at times. But dear reader, always ensure that the right people are in your circle. It’s important to assess an individual’s character. Some individuals are naturally sweet, but these individuals will also destroy you in a heartbeat.

Many times we reject individuals for reasons that are completely unacceptable. Sometimes we toss people aside because they’re too “plain”, “boring”, or “ugly.” But sometimes these individuals are the kind of individuals we need in our lives, and we’ll only discover this if we give them a chance. They’ll brighten our lives in a million ways, and in the process, we will also grow too.

Finally, remember to be a terrific friend as well. That will make a world of a difference!

Have a great weekend guys.