Letting the Pain Out — Jermila Tells It All…

Jermila Sealys' Letting the Pain Out

Jermila Sealys’ Letting the Pain Out

For six years, she had to deal with the sudden death of loved ones within proximity. After years of bottling up all her emotions and pain, she mustered the courage to release the pain, grief, and loss. She is ready to empower others to step out of the shadows of grief, pain, tears, fears, and guilt to live everyday lives.

Jermila Sealys is passionate about working with women who have unexpectedly suffered the loss of loved ones. She is now a grief support coach, speaker, and author. Her goal is to provide support, empowerment, and education for women to be able to deal with death as a natural part of life and not as seen through taboo lenses.

According to the author, ‘Letting the Pain Out’ “is me at my most vulnerable and powerless state. It reveals truths and lessons that I have endured during my over six years of silently battling grief at the sudden death and loss of loved ones. It is packed with stories of my struggle and how I finally managed grief without losing my mind. The silence and tireless tears that flooded the gates of my heart are finally now released. And as I share with you through the pages of this book, I continue to experience a form of healing and therapy.”

“We all go through grief and loss… but it is from those same undesired experiences I am now positioned to do something I never thought possible: to write this book and help you find hope after the death of those you love,” she said.

This book will encourage and inspire you to embrace grief “because death is a natural part of life.” But more than that, it will help you navigate, cope, heal, and live in the presence of loss.

Jermila Sealys holds a Bachelor of Science in nursing with ten years of experience. She is also a British Army veteran.