Kwéyòl on the Square

Kwéyòl on the Square

Jounen Kwéyòl celebrations are over but thankfully we have the memories.

Last week, we went to Castries where we caught some of the Kwéyòl action—we couldn’t pass on the opportunity naturally especially since Castries was selected as an official venue for the first time in years. (Choiseul was also selected but unfortunately, we missed out on their offerings!)

We’re highlighting some of the best moments from Castries, however. Though many individuals were unhappy with the location, Castries undoubtedly tried its best to impress. And with two stages set up in Castries (one in Constitution Park and the other on the Derek Walcott Square) Castries certainly made a statement.

There was lots of entertainment. A number of local singers graced the stage (Papa Vader, Ricky T and the Tru Tones amongst others), as well masquerades and dancers.

And of course, the event wouldn’t be complete without a few games, some mouthwatering dishes, and an exhibition.

All in all, it was a memorable affair and we’re definitely looking forward to another round!