So… What’s Your Choice?

Rae Anthony

By Rae Anthony

When I was younger, I was completely mesmerized by life. At times, it almost seemed like I was on a never-ending roller-coaster ride; one that was absolutely thrilling and also addictive.

I threw caution to the wind naturally, but when I got older, my outlook on life suddenly changed and I quickly realized that I’d made too many mistakes.

And ultimately, that’s the worst part: realizing that you messed up entirely, and feeling completely lost, all the while struggling to find your way out of what seems like an impossible situation.

But with the help of God, I emerged victorious.

The thing is, however, if I had to go back in time, I’d start all over again, and avoid my mistakes, because in the end, it would save me from a world of pain.

So, I use my story to inspire others, and hope that they’ll make wise decisions.

“Eighteen years ago, I hit a brick wall. I had a job I hated that was literally making me sick. My marriage was in trouble; my finances were a disaster, and I lived many miles away from my family.

I felt I had hit bottom. The easy way out would have been to feel sorry for myself and blame the world for my misfortune, to moan and groan about how unfair life is.

Instead, I found my way to the public library and discovered a new world in the self-help section. It focused my energy on positive results, rather than on the “poor me” syndrome. I started reading books on setting goals, positive thinking, autobiographies, and so on.

I discovered that certain quotes made me stop and think; they made me challenge my beliefs, while others gave me hope,” author Catherine Pulsifer said in an article entitled ‘My Story’ on

Catherine’s story is inspiring in many ways. We can all learn from our mistakes and grow from it, or we can choose to stay behind.

The choice is ours to make.

So… what’s yours?

I’ll end here today. Have a great weekend guys.

Sincerely, as always,