Sylvanie Anatole: BSS’ La Wenn Kwéyòl

Sylvanie Anatole

Sylvanie Anatole

Babonneau Secondary School’s La Wenn Kwéyòl Pageant certainly stood out this year, and in our opinion, the pageant was amongst the best for 2022. The event was memorable in every way, and BSS clearly pulled out all the stops for the pageant, which made a comeback after being on pause for three years.

Although the event took place after Jounen Kwéyòl had ended, in no way did it seem like it came too late—in fact, it seemed like just the thing patrons needed: a moment to relish Jounen Kwéyòl once more—and they embraced it fully.

Amelia Duval, Kayla Mc Lawrence, Sylvanie Anatole, Ayla Alexander, Vivika Joseph, Markesha Charles, Farilla Cadette and Darla Dupres all participated in the event, and they (without a doubt) caught the attention of attendees.

The contestants appeared in various segments and thankfully they did not disappoint.

“We believe in keeping our culture alive and educating our students on our history as our past ultimately makes us who we are. We don’t want our students to forget the way of life of their ancestors,” pageant coordinator Alice Medard told YO! in an interview, adding that BSS wants “to keep the creole culture alive.”

“Throughout the month of October the school had numerous creole activities: (a) creole speaking competition, (a) creole cookout (and a) creole fair; the La Wenn Kwéyòl Competition was the final activity,” she noted.

Whilst the La Wenn Kwéyòl Pageant “was on a pause for the last three years due to the pandemic, we were indeed delighted to bring back the pageant. Both teachers and students were eagerly anticipating the event. In the past we have had Wenn ek Wa Kwéyòl but this year none of our male students signed up for the pageant. We are hoping that next year the young men (will) join us and we can have (the) Wa aspect.”

Sylvanie Anatole captured the top spot at BSS’ La Wenn Kwéyòl event, and the news definitely came as a surprise to the teen who “didn’t expect” to win the pageant.

But it was a well-deserved victory for Sylvanie who was showered with support after she was declared winner. (There was only a one-point difference between the winner and the first runner up, however).

“Everything went well with very few hiccups. Overall, we think that the audience was pleased with the level of the production.  I have been the coordinator of this pageant for the last 15 years; Miss Melissa Paul (another teacher) assisted me. We are indeed happy with the production,” Miss Medard said, adding that “we are keenly looking forward to next year’s event.”

Further she stated, “we are thankful for our sponsors, Blue Waters and the Ministry of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries and Culture. The Ministry of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries and Culture sponsored our entire month of creole activities. Our gratitude is certainly extended to them.”

Babonneau Secondary School’s La Wenn Kwéyòl Pageant was held on Friday November 4th at the Babonneau Multipurpose Centre under the theme ‘bagay bagay ki fèt’.